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Worldwide Relocation Services

About Us

Moving your family, your business, your life to another country can be a very stressful and demanding challenge, whereby many questions and doubts would settle in, such as ‘Will we find a nice home?’, ‘Can our kids attend an English speaking school?’, ‘Will we find a trustworthy consultant?’, ‘When do we pay taxes and how much will we have to pay’?….These are some of the most common among the numerous questions, an relocating employee, a businessman or an expatriate will ask himself when considering a move to another country.

Worldwide Relocation Services (Mauritius) Ltd, has been created to cater for such needs and provide the adequate assistance to expatriate, businessman and employees relocating to Mauritius either on their own or with their family. Our Relocation Service is designed to help save our clients time, to relieve their stress and worry and help them to integrate into the Mauritian Lifestyle smoothly through its motto “Moving Your Life with Care & Passion”. We work hard to maintain our position as the most reliable and flexible Relocation Management company in our industry. Our approach is to be agile enough to adapt to your specific business objectives and big enough to provide the stability and global coverage you need. We deliver value to our clients every day by having an efficient operation that promotes clear communication and quick decision-making. It also allows us to support our client’s growth plans by rapidly scaling solutions, adapting to changes within their business and opening offices in new locations to support their developing geographical footprint.

With WRS (Mauritius)Ltd, you’ll always have an expert consultative team on your side. We will collaborate with you, share best practice and provide strategic guidance in navigating the often complex world of global relocation.

Worldwide Relocation Services (Mauritius) Ltd, is the 1st Mauritian Company to form part of the EURA, the European Relocation Association, formed in 1998 with the aim of promoting the benefits of professionally managed relocation and mobility services to companies with globally mobile employees. We are also a member of IAM – International Association of Mover is the moving industry’s trade association.