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Office Moving

Finally found a new office? Need to relocate a department or an entire office? From offices in skyscrapers to boutiques on high streets, we can handle it. Our office moving experts know all about the special requirements involved and aim to have your business back in action as swiftly as possible. We organize and execute office moves that fit around your business schedule, working after-hours or on weekends if necessary to minimize disruption. Helping with as much or as little as you need – from moving a few pieces of heavy equipment to comprehensive office moving packages that include IT-system installation– we keep all staff informed and involved so that you are set up in your new space, quickly, efficiently, and ready to get on with the job.

Moving a business is sort of like moving a very large family: many people will have to work together to see it through successfully. WRS (Mauritius) Ltd meets with your managers and key personnel in advance to work out an appropriate schedule. We know that proper coordination and communication are essential to a smooth office move, so we also ensure all staff know how to organize themselves in the lead-up to moving day.

Introducing our new Crate Moving Box Rental

Our lightweight plastic moving bins are crushproof and water-resistant with a locking design that guarantees the safety of your contents


Simply place an empty Crate on the dolly and pack it. Flip the lid shut and lock. Place another empty moving bin on top. Pack. Stack. And repeat. Each dolly holds up to 6 bins. That’s one more than traditional cardboard moving boxes!


Attached, easy-snap lids mean no more searching for box tops, or cutting open and re-taping boxes when you need to verify its contents or add something. A unique design lets you conveniently stack and store empty bins out of the way until you need them.

Environmentally friendly

Reusable plastic bins are 25% larger than most cardboard moving boxes, which means you can pack more with less. PLUS the crate dolly’s space-saving design maximizes every truckload, reducing the overall number of trucks and trips needed for your move.

Our business is moving your business!!!

  • Office move planning and preparation
  • Moving archives and confidential information
  • Crate Moving Box Rental
  • Secure short and long-term storage
  • Dismantling, packing, transport & reassembly of all office equipment
  • Out-of-hours moves (evenings and weekends)


Our moving services are available all over the World!

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